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On February 23 a Motion picture by Joel Schumacher, starring Jim Carrey, are going to be introduced entitled 'The Selection 23'. The Tale facilities close to a ebook given to the primary character ( Carrey ) that seems to echo the occasions in his existence and options prominently the phenomena which includes arrive at be referred to as "The 23 Enigma". The 23 enigma is the belief that every Numerologist Review occasion is somehow connected to the variety 23. This is usually misattributed on the science of Numerology Whilst, that is incorrect. Much like the '9-eleven' phenomenon whereby coincidences from the quantity 911 are charted and mentioned, the 23 enigma may very well be very little greater than a certain illustration of the confirmation bias in cognitive principle know as apophenia - the encounter of obtaining connections or designs in random, meaningless info. The adherents from the 911 phenomenon look for a great percentage of these coincidences by manipulating numbers to reach at a ideal outcome ( negating the potential for true coincidence ) and many of the examples specified in the various lists regarding the 23 enigma share this trait. Robert Anton Wilson himself, whose work explores some of these exciting coincidences concerning the number 23, comments that the phenomenon basically shows how the intellect can find 'reality' in anything if it needs to check out it.

Nevertheless there are some genuine coincidences ( or synchronicities ) that characteristic the number 23 and these will often be attention-grabbing to ponder as harmless amusements, a handful of of which we will record listed here. Owing to popular tradition You will also find lots of scenarios wherever the enigma is intentionally evoked in artistic operates that feature some reference to 23. If you should commit to provisionally take the phenomenon as a true illustration of synchronicity in action tend not to be surprised if you begin to begin to see the variety 23 just about everywhere since it will become exactly what is know in psychology as a self-satisfying prophecy. Regardless of whether you see it or not, have fun. 23 times above!

Curiosities with the variety 23

The physical biorhythm cycle is alleged to generally be 23 days. It takes 23 seconds for blood to flow into in the human body. The male and female Just about every contribute 23 chromosomes in the course of conception. An entire flip in the DNA helix happens each 23 angstroms. The volume of joints in the human arm is 23. There are actually 23 vertebrae during the human overall body. Tantrists believe that the male sex cycle is 23 times.

Shakespeare was born on April 23. Shakespeare died on April 23. Two 23's equals forty six and, that's how aged Shakespeare was if the KJV was printed. Grab a King James Model of the Bible and switch to Psalm 46. Count 46 phrases and you arrive within the phrase 'shake'. Turn to the top in the chapter and rely 46 phrases backwards and the term you close on is 'spear'.

The Ancient Egyptians hailed the New Calendar year on July 23 - the working day Sirius rises driving the Solar.

The best orbit, Clarke's Orbit, to get a satellite is 23,000 miles over the earth.

The primary prime amount wherein both equally on the digits are primary and increase up to another prime selection is 23.

The twenty third letter with the alphabet, W, has three details up and 2 factors down.

Two-thirds or, two/three, is equivalent to .666.

The initial Morse code transmission is claimed to are actually "What hath god wrought?". A Biblical estimate from Figures 23:23.

Alexander The nice was 23 when he Reduce the Gordian Knot and Caesar is reported to have been stabbed 23 moments. The Knights Templar had 23 Grand Masters.

The "Working day the Music Died" was February three or, two-three. This was of course the working day Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper died.

Devin Hester, whose jersey selection is 23, becomes the initial human being to return the opening kickoff for your touchdown in a Super Bowl ( XLI ).

Now, how many far more cases of the 23 thriller can you discover?

Copyright Jakob Steele 2007

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